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At the Harling School of Irish Dance, we build upon the values of excellence, integrity, and resilience. We believe every dancer has a story to tell and understand it's our directive to empower our dancers and nurture their dreams.

Irish dance is a beautiful art form, a family experience and above all, an opportunity for our dancers to believe in themselves through the value of hard work and, of course, plenty of fun!  
Harling School of Irish Dance is honored to work with children to empower their dreams. We feature our own dedicated studio in Countryside, IL. Try your first class free!

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Harling School of Irish Dance
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Latest News...

Saint Patrick's Day Fun 2022

Harling Irish Dancers were featured all around the community this Saint Patrick's Day Season. The excitement was palpable! READ MORE...

Harling School of Irish Dance Grand Opening of Studio March 4, Join Us! 

The Harling School of Irish Dance will hold a studio grand opening Friday, March 4 in Countryside, Illinois. Join us!  READ MORE...

Harling Dancers compete in their first feis!

In June 2021, Harling dancers performed in their first local competition, and went home with lots of medals. READ MORE...

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